Hair Meets Art



The Bobby Pin is a new concept that is both a hair salon and art gallery located in historic Whittier Square in Tulsa, OK. Cassandra became a hairstylist 14 years ago and during that time she felt that the hair industry needed a new outlook and a new way of thinking; hair as art. For so long the industry has been looked at as a low end service job, but for Cassandra this work has always been about making people feel great and making beautiful, livable, workable hair that is custom tailored to clients needs. Working women don’t always get the recognition they deserve, and empowering the women behind the chair and behind the artistic medium they choose is something that is not only deserved in this day and age, but is necessary.

I wanted to go with the mid century modern vibe to inspire the same can do attitude that persisted in the country at the time. It was great optimism coupled with the empowerment of women. The pairing of the gallery was a natural fit with this theme, with hair as an art form and traditional art forms on display along the gallery wall inside the salon.
— Cassandra