Back Room is Almost Ready

When we started Bobby Pin we had envisioned a co-working space for local artist in the back area of the salon. Having the gallery wall, we decided that we really wanted to participate in supporting local art and women artist. We've spend the last few months working through all the things it takes to get a new business up and running, and there have been a few bugs to work out (I still need to finish grouting the tile on the backbar, lol). But the back are has been in the front of our minds for some time now. Well, I'm happy to say that it is almost finished and ready to offer up to some creative minds to do their best work. We just finished painting over all the graffiti and rusted ceiling yesterday (Thanks to Santiago Painting for the ceiling work; Great job!) and now we just need to repair the old metal windows in the back and we should be good to go. I'm super excited about having several creative minds working in the same area. There is a sort of synergy associated with that sort of thing. At any rate, here is to the back room shaping up and a hopeful future to Bobby Pin!

10% off Kevin Murphy Travel Minis All Summer!

Summer is here and that means most of us are out and about or on vacation. How many times have you packed your things only to discover that you didn't give yourself enough room for your bathroom supplies? Or maybe you have the opposite problem; you packed all your bathroom supplies but now you don't have enough room for your clothes or available space to bring back a souvenir. Well one cool thing about Kevin Murphy isn't only their awesome products and their environmental consciousness, it's that they make a lot of your favorite hair care in a convenient travel size. It's great because they can easily pack up due to their square bottle shape. And if you aren't going far and just need a quick touch up while you're out running errands, they have a very handy Session.Spray that can fit right in your purse. The mini's are also a great opportunity to try out different product to see what best fits your hair type.

 We really like the format of the minis so we decided that we would get you all out the door by offering a 10% discount on all Kevin Murphy minis until the end of summer! Come visit us and grab a few!

Oklahoma Teacher Walk out

Our philosophy at Bobby Pin is to promote and elevate women’s work. Too long have professional women been overlooked or dismissed in our society, broadly speaking. We feel that there are certain professions, typically (but not exclusively) occupied by women, that do not get the respect that is deserving of the actual skill and responsibility associated with it. Our goal in this regard is to support these women that work in these professions, and further, to educate the public that these women and their work should be taken seriously. 

To that end, we would like to offer our support to all teachers and educators here in Oklahoma as they stand up for what they believe in. No matter which stance you may take on the scheduled walk out today, I think we can all agree that these people are so important to our community and the future of Oklahoma. To show our support, we would like to offer a free gift of Kevin Murphy products to any teacher that comes in the shop while our supplies last. We feel this small token of appreciation is the least we could do to help these professionals through this time, and we encourage everyone to get involved in this ever so important cause.

Jeremy Grodhaus
A Time for Paint A Time for Art

As we wrap up the final touches on the front end of the business, we decided it was time to get some art on the wall and try our hand at the art gallery business. Coming from the entertainment business I had some ideas on how that might work and lemme just say that creative business endeavors do not necessarily cross over. Dannielle Unruh next door @fairfellowcoffee introduced herself and offered her services as curator here at the Pin. Since we are pretty green at this, we accepted wholeheartedly (Thanks Dannielle!) She gave us some pointers on how the backend business side of things worked and found an artist in short notice (Hallee Turner who is super awesome, links below). Suffice to say that it worked out fantastically (It's on installation now through March 7, 2018; come check it out). Here is the painting I must like because I photographed it the most:

Jeremy Grodhaus